For the first time, MYP is producing a show for all ages! Second Stage will be a true "community theatre" experience, with all parts auditioned (including a chorus). Who are we looking for?


  • MYP alumni that want to be on stage again!
  • Community members that love to sing and act!
  • Musical theatre super fans that have always wanted to be on stage!


Hello, Dolly! does not have any small children in the cast, so we are limiting participants to 7th grade and older. Visit the Hello, Dolly! page on the Tams Whitmark site for a cast list.


See the MYP Hello, Dolly! Cast List!


Rehearsal Schedule, Week #1


Our 2017 Second Stage show is the Broadway classic, Hello, Dolly!, which follows the romantic and comedic exploits of Dolly Gallagher-Levi, turn-of-the-century matchmaker and “woman who arranges things". The show’s memorable songs include “Put On Your Sunday Clothes,” “Ribbons Down My Back,” “Before the Parade Passes By,” “Hello, Dolly!,” “Elegance,” and “It Only Takes a Moment.”


Visit the Tams-Whitmark Hello, Dolly! page for a full synopsis, character list, and song samples.





Maryville Young Players was absolutely THRILLED when the Maryville community voted to support the arts and build a brand new, state-of-the-art performing arts center! So, we are excited to announce that through a partnership with the Maryville R-II School District, MYP Second Stage will take place at the beautiful Schneider Center for the Performing Arts at Maryville High School, 1502 S. Munn St., Maryville, Missouri. See a map


Here is the schedule for Hello, Dolly! (subject to change!):


  • Information Meeting and Auditions:  June 17th
    • We will meet at the Maryville High School Performing Arts Center at 1pm on Saturday June 17th (doors open at 12:30). We will have an hour-long meeting for everyone that wants to be in the production (auditioning or not). After the meeting, we will hold auditions for lead and supporting roles.
    • Auditions will consist of a cold read and a brief song. You may bring a prepared piece (no longer than 2 minutes) or sing a few bars of My Country Tis of Thee (or something similarly well-known).
    • If you would like to be in the production but cannot make it on June 17th, please email us! maryvilleyoungplayers@gmail.com

  • Rehearsals for Lead Characters:  July 10th - 14th
  • Company Rehearsals:  July 17-21, 24-28
  • Dress Rehearsal:  July 28th
  • Performances:  July 29th, 7pm & July 30th, 2pm


You may have noticed that we've kept the compact MYP method of rehearsals! That means a majority of memorization has to be completed by the time rehearsals start!


Good question! First and foremost, we LOVE the arts and we love providing performance opportunities for our community! For years, we've had people ask about doing a show for adults and students beyond middle school, and we are finally at a place (and HAVE a place, thanks to the Maryville School District) to give it a shot.


Doing Second Stage also allows MYP directors, staff, and volunteers the chance to be in a show! It's fun, it's challenging, it promotes the arts!


Will it work? Will enough people show up to audition? Will an audience come out to watch? WHO KNOWS? But we'll never find out unless we try!

How big will the cast be?

Well, we don't know! :) There are 9 lead and 12 supporting characters, so a minimum of 21. But, there is a chorus of townsfolk/customers/waiters etc. that gives us some flexibility. The Broadway cast had 45.


How will you assign roles?

All of the roles will be cast by audition (except for Dolly and Horace, who are being played by some familiar MYP faces!). Auditions will be held June 17th, and will consist of dialog and singing.


Is this a "camp"? What is the cost?

Second Stage uses a more traditional community theatre model, so no registration or registration fee, no extra classes or picnics or medals or snacks (wait, there will probably be snacks!).


Is this only for MYP alumni?

Absolutely NOT! We want ANYONE interested in musical theatre to try out! Worried about your acting or singing chops? Don't! Even if this is your first time, we will need chorus members!


Who's directing?

We are ecstatic to announce that Marilyn Rhea, past MHS Vocal Music Director, show choir judging extraordinaire, MYP volunteer, and all around swell person will be our director!


What will rehearsals look like?

We are planning to do three weeks of rehearsals - the first week with leads only, and everybody for weeks 2 and 3. We will rehearse in the evenings for a couple of hours each night. This will be the MYP-method of coming to rehearsals memorized, and then having a short (2-3 weeks is less than half of most productions) time to put everything together.


Set? Costumes? Are you doing the original version?

Yep, we are doing the whole enchilada, with an intermission and everything! We will have full costumes, sets, tech (sound and lights). It's gonna be awesome!


How are you paying for all of this?

Thanks to many years of generosity from the MYP family, we have been able to build a piggy bank to front the costs for Second Stage. We are hoping to at least break even with our ticket sales.